SP Home Inspections Price List

Service Price
Up to 1,500 SQ FT $340.00
1,501 – 2,000 SQ FT $370.00
2,001-2,500 SQ FT $400.00
2,501-3,000 SQ FT $430.00
3,001-3,500 SQ FT $460.00
3,501-4,000 SQ FT $490.00
4,001-4,500 SQ FT $520.00
4,501-5,000 SQ FT $550.00
Additional Charges Price
Home 30-60 Years Old $40.00
Home 61-100 Years Old $60.00
Crawlspace 0-500 SQ FT $40.00
Crawlspace 501-1,500 SQ FT $75.00
Re-Inspection $120.00

Note: Re-inspection refers to unforeseen circumstances during the inspection that force
rescheduling of the inspection or some of the inspection components.

Discount Amount
Military Discount (With ID) $40.00 off

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TREC-Licensed Professional Inspector #22238

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